Beautiful keepsakes

We are foot print experts as we have been doing prints for 15 years. You want to be certain anyone handling your baby and taking prints from them is an expert and that you get good prints.

Baby footprints studio fees cost £5 per mummy and baby. You can then choose and pay for up to six items and we put your babies prints onto the items for you.

We will also do any writing you want on your items so that they look as professional as possible. We get very busy so we recommend you book to do prints and weekdays are the best time although we can manage some weekend days if booked in advance. Feel free to ring and chat to us about this.

This is a popular activity with groups of mothers and you can bring your own snacks and drinks or we can provide them from our cafe next door.

You can change your baby in the shop and we are happy to warm up food and milk. Please ask us about toddler painting! We are masters at toddler wrangling!